About us

Hello! We are Karyn & Joe May. We are best friends and a husband and wife photography team based in Grand Rapids, MI. We specialize in wedding, senior graduation, children, and event photography and absolutely love what we do! Aside from loving photography were pretty uncomplicated people. We love the simple things in life… spending time with family, good friends, eating good food, sunshine on our shoulders, and cozy rainy days at home (this one’s actually more me then Joe) 🙂 We say and do foolish things to make each other laugh (we LOVE to laugh) :). We love the art of bonsai and own a ton of little trees. We enjoy traveling and exploring new places. Joe is completely obsessed with Starbucks and drinks way too much coffee. I love fresh flowers in the house and everything Yankee Candle, I’m obsessed with organizing. We love Surf City’s strawberry watermelon fruit chillers- especially on hot summer days. Oh, and we eat way too much pizza, far more then we care to admit. 🙂